Sunday, January 17, 2010

For Fun

t o d a y
was a dreary day

not much going on
running errands


before we went into the grocery store
i pulled hubby in the direction of the "dollar tree"
 right next door, and...

 ~ for fun ~

we gave each other a 10 minute challenge
to surprise one another
with little gifts totaling no more than 5 dollars

this is what i received

photo by yorksnbeans
lavender scented tealights  (always a good thing)
freesia scented candle (can never have too many scented candles on hand)
2 decks of playing cards (always comes in handy when bored)
variety puzzle book (very good for the bathroom)

(his were more boring.... but he asked for that!)

It gave each of us a little "pick-me-up" on a dreary day.