Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Simple Pleasures

s i m p l e   p l e a s u r e s
that warm my heart

watching a bird bathe itself in a birdbath
catching a rabbit hopping across the lawn
finding personal mail in the mailbox
holding hands with hubby
 the sounds my little pup makes when dreaming
a cuppa (tea)
hubby walking through the door at the end of his work day
a good laugh
a walk on a crisp sunny day
taking a shower with the water temperature just right
the sound of a beach umbrella flapping from the gulf breezes
watching a beautiful sunset
the smell and softness of fresh laundered towels
catching a whiff of hubby's cologne
warm chocolate chip cookies
a crackling fire
the aroma of coffee
bacon sizzling
digging into a gooey, calorie-filled, ice cream melting, on top of anything, chocolate dessert
these are just a few of my simple pleasures
today's post was inspired by beth
who was inspired by christina
this was my first visit over at soul aperture
so, thank you beth for the introduction!
if you would like join in
just post your own simple pleasures
 then post a comment at soul aperture to link in.
christina's family will be donating $1 to doctors without borders for each blog that participates

photo by yorksnbeans