Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Is....

One of my viewers, who doesn't have her own blog, sent me her idea of what love is via an email, but not as a submission for the challenge.  It brought tears to my eyes, so I asked her permission to allow me to post it as part of the challenge, since I felt it should be shared.  She graciously granted it to me.  Thank you, Ann.

Here is, Ann from Australia's, heartfelt thoughts on what love really is (you might need a handkerchief)......

I thought I knew what true love was but I didn't. I thought I had an idea what lay ahead  but I didn't.

I thought we'd be growing old together but we won't. I thought we'd have grandchildren but  we don't.
I thought that I'd had the most amazing life but I was wrong.
Why did true love elude me then in the former years of my married  life?
Let me tell you why.

My amazing husband of almost 36 years has Alzheimers.  I thought I loved him then but I love him more now.
I hate that his brain is deteriorating but love his fortitude to get through each and every day .
I hate the fact that the ability to dress himself has been taken from him but love that he likes me to assist him.
I hate the fact that he can no longer design, read, write or feed properly but love that I can read to him  and  help him to eat.
I hate when he gets frustrated trying to tell me something but love the fact that I have developed the patience to try to understand his words and love that he still tries.
I love just sitting in the sun with him, I can lay my hand on his sun soaked  arm. The feel of his skin is still very special to me. 
You see LOVE is many  things.

I love in a different way now, a much more giving way , a much less selfish way . He is no less of a person to me  because  of this illness, in fact he's much more special to me now.
I am blessed to have found this man and spent my entire  life  with him. We met when I was 16 and he was almost 20.  Love can be acceptance, tolerance and the realisation that  your time together will be over sooner than you think. This man taught me more  about love than I could ever have  imagined.
I also  have to accept  the  fact  that he will one day forget that love but I  love the  fact that  when that  happens  I will still  have a more enduring love for him.
To me  that's what love is....

Jan I love you with all my heart and soul. No matter what.....