Thursday, February 11, 2010


t o d a y 

would have been my dad's
86th birthday
although our family hasn't been able to celebrate it
for the past seven years
with cards and gifts
i'm sure we all do so privately in our own ways
it's a day that won't be forgotten in our hearts or minds

every trip we make to visit my mom
we stop to visit my dad
in his resting spot at the florida national cemetery

i had never given much thought to cemeteries
until i started coming to this one
it is so beautiful and serene

thousands of tombstones of soldiers past
rest beneath the majestic florida trees dripping with long fingers of moss
while sunshine dapples the green expanses of lawn

standing at attention
as though they are still serving our country

trails and benches for 

a  comforting place

we miss you, dad

h a p p y   b i r t h d a y