Wednesday, March 31, 2010

there's just something about a spring morning.....

"there's just something about a spring morning that _________"

 ~ join in by filling in the blank ~

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

lurking in sits and waits

f u l l   m o o n

as the sky darkens
the moon
in branches
like a crystal ball


to be lifted
into the pool
of deep blue sky
hovering above

so it can shine
its white beam
in full glory

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Five

this week the friday five deals with 
cropping and different points of view
let me know your feelings
and your choices from 1-5

~ a ~
 ~ b ~

~ c ~

~ d ~

~ e ~

as always...i value your critiques and input
they're a great learning tool for me!

have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

busy as a bee....

busy as a bee

you might have noticed
 i haven't been dropping comments 
around the blogosphere as frequently as normal
 ~ my apologies ~
this photography thing has taken a hold of me 
i'm like a sponge
wanting to absorb as much as i can

i'd like to make something of this new hobby
and see where it can take me
but that will require time
~ time ~ 
that will take away from blogging as regularly

i will still be around and will post as often as i can
and comment as much as possible
but be assured i will still continue to visit you 
and be entertained by your posts even if i haven't left a comment

 ~ and remember ~
you can still visit me daily at
even on days i am not posting here
 to see my daily shots

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

aaah....the warmth of spring

 ~ s u n ~

pull me out of my winter blanket
so i can open my wings to feel the warmth of spring

let me hear the birds sing
so i can dance with the trees in gentle breezes
that swirl around us

let me grow toward you
so i can share my bouquet of white flowers
for those who walk by
in summer

~ oak leaf hydrangea ~

Monday, March 22, 2010

Can I Help You?

can i help you?

say what?

did i hear you correctly?

 you'd like to shoot me!

i don't think so ~  can't you see i'm enjoying my meal ~ please leave 

well, if you don't ~ i'm going back to the barn

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friday Five (on a Thursday)

since it was a success last week 
and a great learning tool for me
i decided to do a friday five each week

 ~ although ~

this week it's on a thursday

 ~ because ~

tomorrow is our 17th wedding anniversary
and i vowed to myself not to blog this weekend
and devote all my time to my hubby

so once again...
please rank the following five photos from 1 - 5 (one being your favorite)
and try to base your selections on the following criteria
composition ~ subject matter ~ photo quality ~ personal taste
and critiques are always welcome!





lamp chain

have a wonderful weekend, and as always, thank you for coming to visit!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i've been invited to a party....

well, not really....
but what i have been invited to is a flickr photography group
and i'm psyched!

i consider this a second step in challenging myself as a photographer
the first ~ this blog

i also feel being invited somehow validates me, to a certain degree, as a photographer
albeit a rookie, but none-the-less, a photographer

i will be challenged to post one photo per day throughout 2010 
(for me, it started today)
and the photo above is what i submitted
it was a shot i took when walking around my backyard this dreary st. paddy's day morning
it's not the best photo, but that's not what the group is supposedly about
it is to challenge ourselves and learn from each other

i will try to submit photos not used in my blog, 
but i'm sure there will be days when i'll resort to using one when i feel nothing else i took was worthy
and i might use some of my one a day pics in my friday five for your input

i will be starting a blog to archive my one-pic-a-day shots
and i'll post it on my sidebar for anyone who may be interested
input will always be welcome!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


t e x t u r e

the photo this started out as was as boring as watching paint dry
but i cropped, saturated and manipulated the crap out of it 
to see if i could make something of it

the more i played around with it 
the more i realized it was jamb packed with texture
in fact, i'd love to go run my hands over everything to feel them all
the colorization obviously brought them to the forefront

how many different textures can you come up with?

laurie asked to see the original, so here it is...

Monday, March 15, 2010


s o a r

 stretching my wings
as far as they can reach

i touch the wind

the skies invite me to stay awhile

 g l i d e 

oh, to be a bird!

photo by jill

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Five

okay, today i am looking for your input 
i love input
i can learn from input

i take lots of photos that just sit in my computer with no purpose
so i've chosen five random photos i took this past week for you to rate 1 thru 5
1 being your most favorite 

try to base your ratings on the following:
composition ~ subject matter ~ photo quality ~ personal taste 
i know personal taste will play a huge part your selection, but that's okay
i can still learn from that

since i am new to the world of photography
this will be a great exercise for me
if you'd like to throw in some critiques, please feel free to do so!

as always... if you would like to take a closer look, just click the photo
red barn




thank you all for your continued support and encouragement here on EMD
with my adventure in digital SLR photography
have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

it gently rains beyond the window....

it gently rains
beyond the window
streams of water
drip down
as though to fill the emptiness inside vase
drink in!
whispers mother nature
quench your soul
wave good bye to winter
let spring be your guest

this post is my entry for the march...

  ... to me ... 
march is a month of transition
 winter to spring 
 cold to warm 
  brown to green 
 dry to wet 
dormancy to growth
 i shed my winter spirit 
and replace it with a much lighter and more frivolous one
off with the long sleeves and heavy coats
let my skin start drinking in the moisture
 and warmth from mother nature again!

post note ~ after i completed this, it began thundering ~ the lion saying good-bye!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

not the gum balls you blow bubbles with....

oh, no
not those
the ones i'm speaking of
are those that prick you when you touch them
and make you twist your ankle when you step on one just right
the ones you have to rake every couple of weeks
because there seems to be an endless supply of them
up in the trees that grow those suckers

that's what i've been doing for the past hour
r a k i n g
 now my fingers are all pricked because i was too lazy to go get my garden gloves
when i was putting them in the big black trash bag
but hubby will be pleased since he's the one who normally performs this envious task

but it's another beautiful day
and while i was raking the birds were performing a concert
in surround sound
spring is definitely in the air!

Monday, March 8, 2010

thank you

w h e r e v e r
you may be at the moment
w h a t e v e r
weather you may be experiencing
these buds are for you
thank you all for all your kind wishes and hugs
on my previous post
they were greatly appreciated
and i think spring is just around the corner!

photo by jill

Saturday, March 6, 2010

life is so fragile....

i haven't been very attentive here in the blogosphere this week
i've been in a funk ever since i received some tragic news
about a person i knew, not very well, but nonetheless, i knew him

it's been a few years since i last saw him
it was on his wedding day, just shy of six years ago

actually, it is his parents who i know much better
it was at their home i stayed the night before i got married
 it was at their community country club where i said "i do".
they have been good friends with my parents for years

on monday, their youngest son, 44 years old, collapsed at work 
and passed away from a massive heart attack
never a health issue prior to this incident

it really makes you stop and realize how fragile life really is....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wines Under 10: Red Zinfandel

are you always on the search for a good bottle of wine under $10?

i know i am

and what better way to get recommendations
than to ask friends....

 so, i'll be starting a weekly post
on different types of wine that are already favorites
of not only mine, but hopefully yours, as well.

this week i've chosen

r e d   z i n f a n d e l

my tried and true favorite is 
rancho zabaco

it's a spicy little number
 that doesn't seem to matter which year it was made
and it can be found for $10.00
(whoops!  i was just informed this is normally $14 and change, 
please forgive me it won't happen embarrassing and on my first post!)

i tend to enjoy this red zin alone or with a light appetizer
but not necessarily with dinner

do you have a favorite red zin for under 10? 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

in the wee village of....

in the wee village of

l i l l i p u t   l a n e

there lives wee people 
who live in wee houses
and shop in wee stores

come take a tour
 of this fascinating wee place....

on the high street
sally and kate poke their noses
into the glass storefront
to look at all the colorful sweets
at the "penny sweets" shop (above)

a few shops down 
we come to
"fry days"
one of each twice wrapped, love....
( two orders of fish & chips, wrapped in newspaper)

go on...take a closer look 
(double click the photo)
we'll wait....

outside the village square
we come upon 
"anne of cleves"
who always has the most meticulous garden
can you smell the wonderful aroma of her flowers?

as we get to the outskirts of town
we come upon 
"the good life"
where young isobel and her mum, mary 
are tending to their livestock

and finally to end today's tour 
we come upon the prominent residence of
" millenium gate"
where only the privileged are allowed beyond the ornate gate

be sure to catch
our next tour
coming soon!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


. . . so f t l y . . .
it falls 

. . . g e n t l y . . .
it touches 

 . . . q u i e t l y . . .  
it blankets

. . . t o d a y . . . 
another beautiful snowfall 

photos by jill

Monday, March 1, 2010

Elemental Challenge: March Comes in.....

for all you challenge fans...

okay, this month let's take the phrase

"march comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb"

and capture it in one of the following ways


you've got the entire month to be creative
 use the entire phrase or just a portion of it
whatever your heart desires

to link in on the challenge
just let me know you have posted yours
and i will add a link here

 as always
 feel free to use the above elemental challenge image in your post

how will you capture march?

h a v e    f u n !


 as an added little thank you for playing along
your name will be included in a random drawing at the end of the month
for 3 lucky winnners to receive
one of the following 5x7 prints of your choice
 with a little note from me on the back!

snow haze                                                peeking in                                 somewhere a heart

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   m a r c h   c a p t u r e d   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

lisleman @ a few clowns short
dave @ hambo central
jill @ elemental my dear
laura @ delicacies
andy @ trousers to grow into
bearman @ beartoons
barbara @ long hollow