Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i've been invited to a party....

well, not really....
but what i have been invited to is a flickr photography group
and i'm psyched!

i consider this a second step in challenging myself as a photographer
the first ~ this blog

i also feel being invited somehow validates me, to a certain degree, as a photographer
albeit a rookie, but none-the-less, a photographer

i will be challenged to post one photo per day throughout 2010 
(for me, it started today)
and the photo above is what i submitted
it was a shot i took when walking around my backyard this dreary st. paddy's day morning
it's not the best photo, but that's not what the group is supposedly about
it is to challenge ourselves and learn from each other

i will try to submit photos not used in my blog, 
but i'm sure there will be days when i'll resort to using one when i feel nothing else i took was worthy
and i might use some of my one a day pics in my friday five for your input

i will be starting a blog to archive my one-pic-a-day shots
and i'll post it on my sidebar for anyone who may be interested
input will always be welcome!