Wednesday, March 3, 2010

in the wee village of....

in the wee village of

l i l l i p u t   l a n e

there lives wee people 
who live in wee houses
and shop in wee stores

come take a tour
 of this fascinating wee place....

on the high street
sally and kate poke their noses
into the glass storefront
to look at all the colorful sweets
at the "penny sweets" shop (above)

a few shops down 
we come to
"fry days"
one of each twice wrapped, love....
( two orders of fish & chips, wrapped in newspaper)

go on...take a closer look 
(double click the photo)
we'll wait....

outside the village square
we come upon 
"anne of cleves"
who always has the most meticulous garden
can you smell the wonderful aroma of her flowers?

as we get to the outskirts of town
we come upon 
"the good life"
where young isobel and her mum, mary 
are tending to their livestock

and finally to end today's tour 
we come upon the prominent residence of
" millenium gate"
where only the privileged are allowed beyond the ornate gate

be sure to catch
our next tour
coming soon!