Thursday, March 11, 2010

it gently rains beyond the window....

it gently rains
beyond the window
streams of water
drip down
as though to fill the emptiness inside vase
drink in!
whispers mother nature
quench your soul
wave good bye to winter
let spring be your guest

this post is my entry for the march...

  ... to me ... 
march is a month of transition
 winter to spring 
 cold to warm 
  brown to green 
 dry to wet 
dormancy to growth
 i shed my winter spirit 
and replace it with a much lighter and more frivolous one
off with the long sleeves and heavy coats
let my skin start drinking in the moisture
 and warmth from mother nature again!

post note ~ after i completed this, it began thundering ~ the lion saying good-bye!