Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wines Under 10: Red Zinfandel

are you always on the search for a good bottle of wine under $10?

i know i am

and what better way to get recommendations
than to ask friends....

 so, i'll be starting a weekly post
on different types of wine that are already favorites
of not only mine, but hopefully yours, as well.

this week i've chosen

r e d   z i n f a n d e l

my tried and true favorite is 
rancho zabaco

it's a spicy little number
 that doesn't seem to matter which year it was made
and it can be found for $10.00
(whoops!  i was just informed this is normally $14 and change, 
please forgive me it won't happen embarrassing and on my first post!)

i tend to enjoy this red zin alone or with a light appetizer
but not necessarily with dinner

do you have a favorite red zin for under 10?