Friday, May 28, 2010

100 and counting....

no, not simon, silly
although in dog years he's getting up there...he'll be 13 in August and is blind as a bat now. 
he looks like a little bumper car banging his nose into everything. 
 but, he's a trooper and nothing stops him! 
that's him creeping around the backyard yesterday.

no, what i'm referring to are my posts
i didn't even realize it until i started this one
 when i saw that yesterday's post was my 100th!
yowza...i wasn't expecting that to happen so quickly

my journey as a blogger has gone through a few changes over the past
 now let me think here a minute....
i started in september of 2008, so that makes it 21 months

i was an ireporter for cnn
back when nobody really new who they were
now they're a dime a dozen
but after about 6 months the infighting and drama started behind the scenes
about the time when word was getting out how cool it was to be an ireporter 
and some bigheads started thinking they were hot stuff
so i said....i'm outta here

second came...
two yorks and a bean
my attempt at humor
which only could go so far
and after about another 6 months
 those doors shut and another opened...

where we are today
a place where my attempts at photography 
along with some challenges (that have been losing steam, which makes 6 months somewhat of a pattern)
has become my last latest venture and offering to the blogosphere
i do plan on staying here though since the photography thing is like a big bear hug that won't let go

i thank you all
who come here and cheer me on
and give me inspiration for my journey in photography
your comments are always a joy to read!

and i have something new
and hopefully fun & exciting
for all of you in june!