Saturday, May 22, 2010

I went a little crazy....

i have been pretty much a purist
when it has come to my photography
a bit of extra color
a slight slide adjustment on the contrast
but today i went a bit crazy on this one
i went all out
i saturated
 i textured
i masked (i think)
 i did a "lomoish"
(what ever the heck that is, but i liked it)
what do ya think? 
do you like it
should i never do anything that remotely resembles it ever again?
my feelings won't get hurt
if you hate it
( can always leave your opinion anonymously below in "On the Run"!)
but don't worry
i won't ever abandon my love for a pure photo 
and my continued challenge to shoot a perfect shot
 and leave it alone!

here's what it started as...

so, now that the sun's out.... 
i'm going out to enjoy it
(and you probably can tell I changed my look's been one of those creative days!)
but for any of you stragglers who might still be interested....
you've got only 3 days to enter the May Elemental Challenge!

Have A Great Weekend!