Thursday, May 27, 2010

My legs are still white and I don't like it one bit....

there's nothing worse than going into june
(especially when one has a lake getaway with a boat)
and one's legs are so white they can blind a person
i tan quite easily except for my legs
they're stubborn
they refuse to cooperate with the tanning process
of the rest of my body
and since this year
 the tanning sessions have been minimal
due to crappy weather
these darn legs are like beacons of snow covered hills
screaming "look at me"!
(even hubby has noticed)
see that colorful photo up there
(it's a beautiful pink hydrangea that is blooming in our back yard right now)
well, i don't want pink legs, but i would like some color
so i guess i'll have to resort to the drugstore
and rub some on
since this holiday weekend
rain is scheduled for us every day
have a great holiday weekend everyone
even if you do get rained out!

btw...don't you worry yourselves, i always use lots of sunscreen!