Friday, June 25, 2010

Jillsy's Kitchen - Chicken Piccata

first, i start with this....
yes, most every good meal needs to start with a nice glass of wine
that's because i don't love to cook
 but will more easily get my groove on with a glass in hand

you see...each time i make an epicurean masterpiece
it will turn out a wee bit different depending on spur of the moment creativity 
so, unfortunately, last night's stupendous meal will probably never be re-created entirely the same, ever again
you will understand why when you see the amounts you are given for any particular ingredient.

 always have something to nosh on while cooking
 because, if for any reason, the meal ends in disaster, you won't go starving
 last night i chose
"margaritavilla's" artichoke jalapeño garlic dip (delish)

alright, now for the menu....Chicken Piccata with Linguini and Asparagus
sounds fancy, but not me!
although, the kitchen does get messy....a true sign of a great cook!

the fun begins...
pound those boneless chicken breasts silly
if you are doing it correctly everything on the counter will be re-arranged when it's over
and your pets will be at the farthest corner of the house cringing under a bed
make those babies as thin as you like then sprinkle with salt and pepper

mix up some flour, salt, pepper and parsley on a plate
although pretty much any spice you like would be fine
flip your cutlets over a couple of times to make sure you've got them powdered like a baby's bottom

pour olive oil into a big skillet
 and get it hot!

until golden on both sides
even though most recipes say like 5 minutes mine always take longer than that
then put them aside for awhile and cover them

put on the linguini and cook til ready...(at least that's what i do)

steam your asparagus....
make sure to cover it so as not to lose any of those good nutrients!

now for the sauce....
all the stuff left at the bottom of the pan from frying the chicken...keep it there
then pour in some white wine
  last night i used J. Lohr Chardonnay
i'm sure there must be chefs who would cringe, but believe me, hubby loved the outcome.
i used about half a bottle for three cutlets
hubby told me afterward that i could have easily saved some money by selecting a lesser chardonnay....pfft

then squeeze some lemons (I used three) 
and grate off some lemon zest right into the pan....

 add some capers....
the amount used is totally determined by personal taste
i used enough just to make the sauce pretty and dotted with green specks

now add a large pat of butter to the sauce and let it melt in
also, mix up a small paste (la-ti-da chefs would call it a roux) of flour and hot water
just enough to thicken up the sauce to give it a translucent look
 taste it.... 
make sure it cooks long enough for the alcohol to evaporate from the wine
so it doesn't smell or taste of wine
if you want more lemon flavor, just add some extra juice or zest.
pour sauce over everything, sprinkle parmesan....

doesn't it look yummy.....well, it was!

and if, by any chance, you 're the type of pathetic chef that i am
and would like to see more of my fabulous recipes...just make a comment below
and i will try and please (cause it really was quite fun!)
but, just don't expect them too often!