Friday, June 18, 2010

Creepy Crawly Awesomeness

has a photo contest going on this week
calling for all things "Creepy Crawly"

and since insects are one of my fave subjects
i decided to join in on the fun

luckily, yesterday we had a special guest visit our backyard
and the only reason i found him was because i was deadheading our canna lilies and picking up after them
(do you know how untidy those beautiful flowers are...what a mess they create!)

anyway...he was hanging out on the leaves
so i  went inside, grabbed my camera, and started shooting and shooting and shooting (get the picture?)
i think my camera counter just about hit 200
the little guy and i had a thing going on there for awhile
(but, man, was it hot and it was only 9:30am)
at times, i wondered if he was actually posing for me

well, out of the bazillion shots i took
here are a few of my faves....enjoy!

hello there, may i help you?

you say a photo shoot, huh...

well, let me think about that for a minute
(this is the one i submitted for the contest)

okay, but only if you promise not to call me "beanhead"

alright ~ i'm ready....are you looking for creepy or crawly?

please, dear god of all mantis', give me strength not to eat that little twerp over there 
laughing at me during this photo shoot.

see him....down there!

okay, enough of the smirks, end of photo to that twerp....i'll show him!