Saturday, June 5, 2010

do you ever feel like a total doofus?

sorta like this guy?
i can be walking along in a smooth parking lot
but if there is just one acorn or pebble in the entire lot
i'll be the one to step on it just so
and twist my ankle
but, if i'm lucky
i'll catch myself before i meet the pavement
and will do one of those kooky maneuvers to regain my stance
either way, it's one of those totally doofus moments
 which unfortunately never go unnoticed by someone
or i can be in a nice restaurant
all dressed up and ladylike
 then take a sip of water
only to have it go down the wrong pipe
and just about every unattractive sound you can think of starts blurting out
 as my face reddens and i feel like i'm going to pass out from lack of oxygen
i can be so elegant at times!
i'll give ya'll another one i just thought of....
when in england a few years back
i was in a small grocers
where boxes of fruits and veggies edged the one and only aisle in the shop
after making a purchase 

i turned around to walk out of the shop 
forgetting all about the boxes down at feet level
obviously, one foot caught a box
 then, trying to regain my balance with the next step, 
i rammed into another box 
 causing me to fall straight forward
thank goodness the shop was so small

and a woman was right ahead of me to break my fall
and thank goodness she had just opened the glass door to a refrigerated section

to break her fall from the sudden and unexpected thrust she received from behind
btw...don't miss nonnie's doofus moment below!
and now slommlers ( so far these two take the cake!)
but read everyones because i'm beginning to think we're all a bunch of doofuses!

 now, come on and tell me one of your doofus moments!