Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Identity Crisis Resolved!

yep...i'm #110
and i'm a cow!

if you have visited me throughout my blog history
you've probably noticed i have been

just jill

 my blog persona
 has been resolved

you know the feeling you get when you try on a pair of shoes and they fit so perfectly
you tell the clerk to wrap 'em up (no matter what the price)
because those shoes and your feet were meant for each other?

well, that's the feeling
i now have
"Jillsy Girl"
 you see up there on my banner
i'm waving my new found blog name

since jillsy is one of my nicknames
and i was born in new jersey
(too bad my name wasn't joy, right?)
it just makes it a perfect match
it also has a light-heartedness about it 
that goes with the tone of my blog

i know their are other blog "girls" out there
but the name feels so right 
and blogspot even has the name available which i have saved
(although, i'm afraid to switch over unless someone has changed their address before and can help me without losing everything) 

so, goodbye EMD
hello Jillsy Girl!
(for those of you who have me on their blogroll go ahead and make the switch and i'll also let everyone know if i ever dare to change my URL.)

and, no, i'm not a cow, but hopefully i stand out from the crowd

and one last note i just had to share....
yesterday "The Pioneer Woman", Ree Drummond
actually visited my blog TWICE!
scroll all the way down to my Blog Frog visits
and unless she's been kicked off by now from other froggers visits (who i also cherish dearly)
her name showed up two different times yesterday
although, she didn't leave a comment
 but for some reason, just knowing an uber successful blogger actually came here twice blows me away!