Monday, June 14, 2010

My Pentax K1000

 i do have a love for photography
it started many years go
when i was just out of college
and began my "adult" life
down in "hot'lanta"

i took a photography course
and bought myself a pentax k1000
i had a lot of fun in that darkroom during the course

but single life got in the way
and that k1000 demanded too much attention
 i was unable to give at the time
partying and dating got in the way

so, i lovingly, tucked my pentax away 
and forgot about it

until now...
when, apparently, film photography is all the rage
and photogs go all WOW and ga-ga over it

i searched and searched
for that k1000
until i finally found it today,
safely tucked away in a dark corner of a closet

my heart palpitated
for some reason
i have no idea why
maybe it was the rush of memories
that overcame me
from so many years ago
when i was in my early 20's

but, i still love my digital nikon

so, i'm not sure i totally "get" the film obsession
is it because i'm too old?
surely, not!

i'm sure you probably noticed
that i've changed my digs
once again
in an attempt to get my groove back!

i changed my profile name to "jillsy"
 it's a nickname my next door neighbor gave me a while back
and i think it suits me better!