Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Summer Concerto

a s    t h e   s u n   g o e s   d o w n
the orchestra gets seated

in the rear
the crickets begin rubbing their hind legs
creating their peaceful, harmonious hum

higher up on stage
the cicadas repeatedly begin on a soft note
then quickly crescendo into their full blown chatter

and in various spots around the stage
are the tiny tree frogs 
that belt out the deepest and loudest notes of all
if you didn't know their size
you'd think there must be monsters lurking in the dark

last night
as i was being serenaded in our backyard
by our personal summertime orchestra
and mesmerized by the twinkling lights 
of fireflies dotting our concert hall 
i noticed one particular musician
that sounded as though he had chosen his seat up on our deck 

 he apparently found a comfy spot on a deck chair

do you have a personal summer orchestra?

and don't forget...only one more day for the scavenger hunt and several items are still left to find!