Monday, June 7, 2010

What lies beneath....

you know that once a year task
you put off and off and off and off, etc. etc.?

yes, the one you dread so much
just the thought of doing it makes you cringe

yep, that one

well, for me it's cleaning out our little garden pond
it's one backyard task i volunteered to take off hubby's to-do list 
(which is quite lengthy)
a few years back
not fully grasping the nature of the task
now i understand why hubby never wanted to do it either

what begins as a sparkling little pond with a trickling waterfall during the warm months
turns into frightening and wretched pool of decayed and stinking leaves
that harbors creatures from down under
(like the one above)
during the cold months

why i don't just drain it out in the fall is beyond me
one year i'll learn
but until then
that pond is still awaiting me and my buckets
so i can, once again, enjoy the peaceful sound of trickling water in our backyard this summer

can you believe you can actually grow a real frog?
check this out....