Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm really not into these kind of things, but....

.....i'll do it for my dear blog friend df/walker/laura 
(she has an internet identity problem, sorta like me until recently)
over at Delicacies
 (but also check out A Woman's Page & A Page of My Own)
i know...how does she do it....3 active blogs!
they all have to do with women's issues, especially mid-life women's issues
make sure to check them out, if you haven't already!
so, for the sake of making it short i'll refer to her as "dfwl" for this post

dfwl awarded me with the "versatile blogger" award
not really sure why i would deserve such an honor
but if dfwl feels i am worthy, i will accept it (but only for her)
so let me make this perfectly clear....jillsy girl is not really into awards
okay, i'm into awards, but not when they require some sort of task to go along with it
which this one does
 i have to reveal 7 things about me that you might not already know
i think the above takes care of #1

 so, here we go....

1. jg does not accept awards that require a task, that is, unless my bag of creative ideas is empty and i have nothing else to give you for a post.
2. jg can not water ski...the best she ever accomplished was skimming her butt along the water
3. jg is by no means an athlete....although she did marry one
4.  jg does have a special talent of finding tiny obstructions on the ground (without looking, mind you!) 
in which to twist an ankle and fall
5. jg can make a "y" with one finger...can you?
6.  when jg gets a good laugh on...she starts hiccuping
7.  jg & margarita make a very nice twosome

i will not be passing this lovely award on to other worthy recipients only because
i would then be considered a hypocrite in the blogosphere and that is not a good thing
if you would like to receive the award, you may politely ask for it,
 and i will be more than happy to give it to you!

now, i'd like to also give a shout-out 
for a new blog i discovered (or maybe she discovered me..hmmm)
either way....her name is Leslie and her blog is Crunchy Betty
it's all things natural for the body
she whips up these delicious concoctions to make your skin luscious
and she's a hoot!!
you'll laugh out loud when reading her
please give her a look-see and mention i sent you! 

and for those of you who are now desperately trying to figure out
 how to make a "y" with only one finger, you make check out the "stumped" page under my banner!