Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's Playtime!

this post has nothing to do with artful photography
its purely fun, fun and more fun

this is what we did
over and over and over again yesterday
got the picture?

we have friends coming to visit today
 so i have a feeling 
there will be more of this x 10

off the back of the boat....



like to see it again?



how about one more time holding my nose?



okay, now hubby

(he looks like a little kid, doesn't he!)

and the most spectacular splash of all!
(because I took it and possibly because he's bigger than me)

okay,  playtime's over
time to get out of the water
and knock the water out of our ears

as you can tell
i'm not working on my endeavor this weekend
it's play time!

Post Note:
I just noticed that someone added my Featured Photographer post to this blog:
Best Posts of the Week
thank you, whoever you are!