Monday, July 12, 2010

Jillsy's Kitchen ~ Super Simple Summer Pasta Salad

you might already know about this super easy recipe,
but if you don't, you'll love it
that is...if you like pasta
and you're always looking for a different side dish for dinner
or just a refreshing lunch or snack

it can have so many variations
depending on what you have available 
in your pantry and fridge 

there's really only two key ingredients 
that must go into it to kick things off

#1.  zesty italian dressing (i like kraft)
#2.   pasta (i use rotini ~ the spiral pasta)

after those two ingredients you can go hog wild
but let me show you what i used last night for our sidedish with flank steak

okay, start by boiling the pasta
i like it kind of soft but you might like it more al dente, so it's totally up to you how much you boil it
then drain it

~ 1 can chopped black olives (i would have preferred sliced, but this is what i had)
~ 1 jar marinated artichoke hearts

~ grape tomatoes ~

sliced in half
(notice my favorite scooper-upper)

~ one green onion ~
slice it up thin...sorry no photo

chop up your artichokes

now, if you have it, go grab yourself some basil from the garden and chop it up into little bits
after you wash it, of course
if you don't have any you can use another favorite herb or you can use nothing
because the dressing does a good job on its own
but, i just absolutely love fresh basil if i have it

 and the cheese that makes everything taste extra yummy
 ~ feta ~

okey dokey
now mix all those lovely ingredients together in a big bowl
dowse them with the zesty italian dressing and stir it up!

just put in the fridge for at least an hour to let it chill
then serve...

if you feel the pasta has absorbed too much of the dressing, just add more when needed

e n j o y

(in fact, i'm munching on some now for lunch...yum!)