Monday, July 26, 2010

Leaving the Country Life Behind

after a weekend at our lake getaway
the drive back to the city takes us over two other lakes

the last sights of serenity 
 until we return, once again, to the country

i took this photo today as we drove over the first of the two lakes
 a railway bridge expands the width of the lake just north of the bridge we drive over
 the lake separates Georgia from South Carolina
 i had my zoom lens on so in actuality the bridge is further away than it appears here

one evening on the drive up for the weekend
 we watched the Amtrak Southern Crescent mirror our crossing of the lake
 its lights were just a twinkle in the midst of darkness
i remember the scene in my mind like it was a dream


just a couple of summers ago
there was no water here
mother nature couldn't provide enough nourishment
to quench the dried and cracked earth
we wondered if the day would ever come when water would, once again, take up residence
and bring back the beauty it offered for so many years

then finally the heavens decided it was time
time to give back what it had taken away for almost two years


 the dried earth became saturated
and the emptied well began to fill
the water began reaching for the banks
until the lifeless docks regained their buoyancy
   and the boats came back

all was at peace again


we were also entertained by these guys for awhile....