Thursday, July 29, 2010

Number 4

 everyday when i sign in and go to my blogger dashboard
 number 4 waves his arms all over the place
 i can't help but see him over all the other kiddos in there
number 4 is always wanting attention
i try and overlook him 
because, to me, he just a whiny little number
a number that wants to be a bigger number
he's not satisfied with being just 4
a few months ago he said he'd be satisfied if he could be attached to number 2.
he'd be happy on either side of him, 24 or 42, "just give me 2", he said
i ignored him
well, now he's whining that not only does he want number 2, he also wants number 1.
124, 214, 412, 421
any of those configurations would do, he says
he says he's lonely
but i think he's lying
i think he's all about image
 4 isn't good enough for him
he's a greedy little guy
i just know if i gave him 1 and 2, he'd just want more
he has to understand that just having more numbers
 will not make him a happier or better number
 sit down and behave yourself!

(NOTE: number 4 is my follower count)
now don't start taking his side ~ but you can boot him out if you'd like!