Friday, August 13, 2010

and it's the only natural curl i've ever had....

i received two pleasant surprises via the internet yesterday

1. This photo of little Jillsy Girl on Facebook from my cousin

2. The Beautiful Blogger Award from VM Sehy Photography

i thought the two went nicely together
and in honor of receiving this award
 i'm supposed to list seven beautiful things about myself.
well, that's certainly not going to happen since i'm not one to toot my own horn
so, please forgive me...
you'll just have to settle with that cute baby picture!
UPDATE: 8/15 - HA! I just realized the recipients are supposed to list 7 beautiful things "around" us, not "about" us. 
I must have been rushed the day I received this award ~ I need to slow down.


but, i will pass it on to the following seven beautiful bloggers
and you can...
accept it
 not accept it
take it on a date
 roll it up and swat a fly with it
share a pitcher of margaritas with it
or just simply enjoy it!



(i always say i'm not going to do these award things, but i'm such a softy at heart!)