Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blog Hop Thursday

each thursday
 i highlight five posts
i found during the past week
that i feel deserve being shared with more viewers
the post might be
 informative, light-hearted, serious, comical, inventive, creative or simply entertaining
it's a difficult choice
because there is so much talent out there
but i've limited it to only five
so you won't get overwhelmed with too many blogs to visit and read.
if you would like to join me
in sharing some great posts and possibly meeting new blog friends
please feel free to hop on board 
the weekly
Blog Hop
by grabbing the above image
and selecting five of your favorite posts of the past week
you may choose any day of the week 
to hitch up 
if thursday is bad for you. 
and, if you would like to share your Blog Hop post here
please do so by adding it to the Linky List below

My Five Faves of the Week:

by Meri @ Meri's Musings
by Michelle @ House of Lime
by Barbara @ Long Hollow
by Betty @ Bossy Betty
 by Mary Elizabeth @ Feathering An Empty Nest
(this is a tough one, but the message is sure to turn off M.E.'s background music first)