Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hop on Board!

this idea was inspired entirely by Hilary @ The Smitten Image
she is a new blog friend who's blog I have come to enjoy immensely
Hilary has a heart of gold, is a wonderful photographer and has such entertaining stories to tell 
each week she selects her favorite posts by other bloggers and highlights them in her
 Posts of the Week series
it's become a highly coveted honor to be selected
since Hilary has impeccable taste

i think what really made the idea pop into my head is that Hilary's posts also need acknowledgement
because her posts can be real doozies
along with the fact...
 that it requires absolutely no creativity from moi, just from everyone else!

so, i thought to myself ~ what about a blog hop?

i figure most of us come upon wonderful posts throughout the week
 and wouldn't it be great to pass them on for more to enjoy?
i have met such creative and interesting bloggers through Hilary's series
so each week I figured i'd select 5 posts that i found entertaining 
(I know this will be difficult to whittle down,
 but I want to make sure everyone has the time to check them all out)

i would love for you to hop on board
 by selecting 5 (only 5!) of your favorites
and post them on Thursdays too
 (for some reason Thursday seems to be non-creative day for me)
so we can all go blog hopping!

just think how many wonderful posts will be featured and passed on each week
and how many new blog friends we could meet!

so grab the image and hop on board!

Here are my 5 faves for the week:

Mrs. Mediocrity @ That's Mrs. Mediocrity To You
Beth @ Be Yourself...Everyone Else is Taken
Happy Surprise
Techobabe@Technobabe's Adventures

Hilary @ The Smitten Image

Looking forward to see your faves!

i have absolutely no idea what's going on with spacing here at blogger today,
 but i'm about to pull my hair out!