Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have done something to my blogger editor and I can't fix it.  I hope you can understand my issue.  Somehow my editing page and dashboard has shrunk to a size that's so small I can barely see what I've typed or what's on my dashboard.  BUT...if I go to Blogger in Draft, it is back to normal size.  So you'd say...well, stay in blogger in draft.  Easier said than done.  It only seems to stay in blogger in draft if I go to "edit posts" through my dashboard, but if I try to edit straight from the post, no go, back down to shrunken editor.  That's the easiest and fastest way to edit!! I don't want to go through an entire protocol of steps to edit each time want to change something.

PLEEEASE....someone help me!

UPDATE:  I just fixed it....only by accident by playing around with different keys.  I held down the Ctrl and Microsoft Windows icon keys together and scrolled upwards with my mouse.  It enlarged everything.  WHEW!

I was freeeeakin' out!