Sunday, August 15, 2010

Something to think about....

Today, hubby and I started working on Part 2 of Tales of Yorkshire:  The Lyke Wake Walk (I actually got him to give me a few minutes!).  Since I have no personal photos of this walk, I did a search on Google Images for North Yorkshire Moors Lyke Wake Walk.  The search resulted in many photos, three of which on the first page of the results, were quite surprising.  There, for the world to see, was my avatar, my blog banner and the Tales of Yorkshire badge of my hubby you can see over on my sidebar.  You can Click Here and scroll down the page to see all three images, all of which link back to my blog and  that post.  At least, I think you will see the same results I saw.   Let me know if you don't see them.  What Google has started doing is linking every image to the website/blog post where the image came from.  Apparently, any topic we write about will now result on a Google Image search even if the post had no image of the subject. All three images were not even in the post itself.  I haven't tested it with any of my other posts, but normally I don't write about specific topics. So, let's say, you wrote about your vacation to Disney World or New York City, the images on your blog like your banner may show up as a result when someone is searching for an image of that city or whatever, just because you wrote about it.

Now, hubby is totally freaked out and does not want to continue on with his tales.  How do you feel about this?  Since we are all bloggers, we probably are aware of how our information is shared, although, I have to admit, this did surprise me because none of the three images that are listed have anything to do with the Lyke Wake Walk. Hubby has no problem sharing his tales with my viewers, even though he does realize that my blog can reach beyond my viewers, he just didn't realize how far the posts actually reach, and honestly, I don't think I like my avatar showing up on a search for something totally unrelated to it.

To sum things up, I'm not sure I will be able to convince him to continue on with his Yorkshire stories and I'm really bummed about that.  He says he would like to hear how my blog buddies feel about this.  Please give us your thoughts!