Monday, August 2, 2010

they're finally here!

it's certainly later than usual
but i can't blame them
the heat has been exhaustive
they've probably stayed even further south this summer
where the temps have been more normal

                                                                                                           adult male ruby-throated hummingbird

but now that we're back 
to the acceptable levels of the upper 80's and lower 90's
my favorite birdies are here again
and chirping 

making sure
all the while
their highly coveted feeding spots
are not frequented by others outside the family

i got here first, go find your own restaurant!
dad screams to another
as he dive-bombs and chases it away

 and up on a nearby tree limb
sits his young son
standing guard
waiting his turn

this little guy has one red dot on his throat which you can see up in my banner
which signifies he is a juvenile male 

i just hope it stays cool enough for them to stay awhile
because i love watching them!