Thursday, September 9, 2010

Don & Hattie Mills on a Sunday Afternoon

i believe we drove through a time warp the other day on the way back from the lake

Don & Hattie in their younger years

Don was driving quite slowly
taking in all the sights on their Sunday stroll

Hattie's ponytail blowing in the breeze
from the open windows

life was good
Don couldn't have been happier
sitting there next to his sweetheart
in his Chevy
with a line of cars
behind him

i caught Don ogling this other sweet babe for sale along the road

which almost caused a head on collision
but Hattie's screams and quick reflexes brought Don back into his lane

little did he know he was being caught in the box

 if you haven't met Don
you can visit him HERE in his older years
somewhere along the line
 he turned into a crabby old fart
but those who know him
 love him dearly
including me