Thursday, September 16, 2010

Galg and Mlum

let me introduce you...
galg and mlum

yes, you heard me right
galg is on the right
and mlum is on the left

cute ~ aren't they?

okay, you think i've fallen off my rocker, don't you?

alright, those birds aren't really galg and mlum
they're just a couple of old crows
in our backyard

galg is my older brother
at least that's what i called him when i was a toddler
his real name doesn't even come close
but for whatever reason
 is what came out of my mouth
actually, it started out as gaggy
then got shortened to gag
and somehow, over the years, it morphed into galg
the name that stuck
in fact
it feels somewhat awkward to this day to call him by is real name
therefore; most times i avoid calling him by name at all
 but on those occasions when i need to call him something, i'll cough out his real name
because galg is pretty silly

mlum is another fascinating concoction of letters
how i came up with it is beyond me
for in no stretch of the imagination does it come close to
go figure!

do you have any strange made up words from your childhood?