Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jillsy's Kitchen ~ Yorkshire Pudding

having married an Englishman
i have been introduced to several English dishes
that i truly enjoy
totally contrary to the common American belief that all English food sucks

this dish, in particular, is probably my fave
 i could have it for an entire meal
although, it is normally served as a first course
forget the roast beef...
bring on the yorkshire puds!!

yorkshire puddings are not puddings
they are similar to popovers 
(i have never had one, but i have read so)

as a first course, we usually have them with a brown mushroom gravy 
but when we have them for a meal we will make a stew and pour servings into the pudding.

unfortunately, i have yet to find
 even on the internet
a store that sells yorkshire pudding tins in the States
we purchased ours in England

they come in various sizes
as seen here

but you could use a large muffin tin
or any tin that has a slightly angled side to it
you could even use a large rectangular tin and then cut the pudding up for individual servings

but, one thing you need to know is that making yorkshire puddings is an art
an art that can only be perfected with practice

altitude definitely has something to do with the outcome
along with
 the oven
the flour
 and even the tins themselves (the more used, the better)
each of the above plays an important role

the recipe is simple
it's how all the other elements work together
that makes the difference between a fluffy yorkshire pudding and a flying saucer
but even flying saucers taste good!

this is what you will need:
  (makes 4 large puddings)
2 eggs
1 cup of all purpose flour (gold metal or pillsbury's best)
1 cup of fat free skim milk
crisco oil
baking tin/s

ingredients need to be at room temperature!
i normally whisk them together right out of the fridge then let it warm up before baking

whisk the eggs separately 
mix milk and flour together in separate bowl and sprinkle in some salt
then whisk in the eggs

this is when i let the ingredients warm up to room temperature
periodically whisk it up to keep air bubbles

preheat the oven to 475 degrees

add crisco to the bottom of each tin
just enough to cover the bottom

put the tins in the oven

now this is when things start getting crucial
make sure your batter is at room temp. and whisked with air bubbles
pour the batter into a large measuring cup or anything that has a lip so you can easily pour it

keep checking the tins in the oven
when you open the oven door and you can see the tins smoking...
it's showtime!

pull the tins out quickly
pour the batter into each tin as quickly as you can
the batter should cover the bottom of the tin and start sizzling up the sides
i can't really tell you exactly how much batter is perfect
 but i do know that when you pour it out
it should easily cover the tin quickly.
if there's not enough batter you will see scallops form immediately at the edges
( i still have this happen to me, so don't worry they'll still be okay, just not perfect)

here's an example of not quite enough batter

close the oven door 
turn on the light
and watch!

see how pretty!
this one had just the right amount of batter

it will take approximately 20 minutes for them to bake to a golden brown along the edges

and they'll look like this when the come right out of the oven

then they'll deflate to look like this...

then you fill them up like this...

then you pig out and eat too much!

and i'll be honest 
i forgot to put the salt in the batter
so the recipe is a little forgiving
but then again, the puddings weren't quite as tall as normal

let me know if you try making them
and how they turn out!