Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Matter of Perspective

                                                                                          clemson university student center

in college
you want out
out of college
you want back in

this past weekend we went to Clemson 
to buy their blue cheese (heavenly)
and have some of their ice cream (also heavenly)

while eating the ice cream
we sat outside
and all i could think of were my college days (not at this school)
and how, sometimes, i wish i could go back and re-live them
never fully grasping at the time
how much of an impression they would leave
and what a special time it was

on my own
looking out for myself
making my own decisions
without anyone questioning them
being responsible for myself

planting roots for friendships 
that would last for years to come
even when we don't see each other
but picking up the phone
and chatting like it was yesterday

education now seems secondary

it was the lessons in life
that got firmly planted

what lasting impressions do you have from your school days?