Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Word Wednesday ~ Crisp

even though i chose the word
"crisp" ended up being quite a challenge for me
as i said last week
it just popped out of my head with no forethought

when i began thinking about the word "crisp"
i thought of several things, such as...
 men in shirt and ties
 the air on a cold sunny morning
but the word also brought to mind
the crispness of high contrast and geometric shapes
and that's when i spotted the above
 as i walked through my home

how do you picture or explain the word "crisp"?

share your idea below by linking up with your own post!

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 i asked TechnoBabe @ TechnoBabe's Adventures

to give us next week's word

so get your thinking caps on 
for the word...

 e n c h a n t i n g

thank you TechnoBabe

Have fun and see you next Wednesday!