Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One Word Wednesday

i need a challenge
not that i don't have a big enough challenge already ~ my new endeavor
yes, it's coming
unfortunately, later than sooner
much more work than i anticipated
but it's getting there

but back to the other challenge
i like challenges
they keep me on my toes
so i've decided to challenge myself
and if you also enjoy challenges
i'd love for you to join me

call it my weekly word challenge
and to make things fair
i'll mix it up from week to week
some weeks i'll pick the word
and on others i'll give the honor to one of you
that's because this is an equal opportunity blog

this week i already picked one
 only because if i waited until now to pick it
i wouldn't have a photo to give you
oh wait, i haven't yet told you about what we'll be doing with that word

here's how it will go down...

we'll call it
  one word wednesday
just because it sounds cute
 so wednesday it is
then, depending on your personal preference
you can depict that word in any way you like
as in...
one photo
one mosaic
one drawing
one cartoon
one paragraph (if you like to write)
one poem
or one of anything you so desire

mine will, of course, be a photo

the word i chose for this week
don't worry ~ i only chose it yesterday 

a u t u m n

i know
 it's pretty easy
but i don't want to scare anyone off the first week
you have the next six days to come up with your own post depicting what autumn is to you
and link up below

here's what autumn means to me in mid september in atlanta...

 hold on...
where do you think you're going
there's more!
 i'm going to also give you next week's word
so we can all think about it for next wednesday
  let me go grab a word from my noggin
hold on a sec, i feel one coming
here it is....

c r i s p

now off you go with your two words this week
one to post about in the next few days and one to think about for next wednesday's post

hope to see you link up!

have fun!