Monday, September 6, 2010

Tales of Yorkshire: Lyke Wake Walk ~ Final(ly)

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It couldn't have been more than a few seconds that I had drifted off when I was awakened by Jemima Puddleduck telling everyone to keep moving or we wouldn't meet our goal of completing the hike in the specified time if we wanted to get our certificate of completion and pin.  I got back on my aching feet and continued on in the darkness of the night.  

As we trudged on, all I could think of were the hidden creatures that must have been lurking amongst the eather.  Whether or not there really were such monsters I would never know, since we never crossed paths with any, although there was one slight scare.  At one point, we heard faint noises in the distance and saw flickering lights coming at us  Once again, my trusty knife gave me comfort. When they got close enough, we were relieved to find out it was just another group of hikers going in the opposite direction.  It was a bunch of adults from the pathfinder division of a company called ICI and they had to ask us, mere adolescents, if they were on the right path!  Dizzy buggers!

When we reached the last intersecting road before our final destination of Ravenscar, we were asked one more time whether or not we wanted to continue on.  We had probably lost about half of the original group due to blisters, aching muscles and fatigue, but bugger it...onward, I told myself.

When the sun began to rise it burned off the dewy mist and warmed our damp, dreary bodies.  No breakfast was offered, but just the thought of food at the end of our journey kept us going.   Once the sun was high in the sky, the worrisome burden of monsters and peat bogs I carried through the night lifted, making the final stretch much easier.

We are the Champions, We are the Champions so the song goes. Our aching tired bodies had made it and in the alloted time to be presented with a certificate of completion to show the world that we did it!

It was around 2:00 o'clock Saturday afternoon as we loaded ourselves back into the "Doddies" bus that would take us on the 60 or 70 mile trek back home. I think even before the bus had pulled out of the parking lot I dozed off into a restful sleep. Hmm...the ride didn't take long, I wonder why? Home already. Oh my aching body. Every movement was a task.

After tea it was off to the fair, carnival rides and the like, just a short walk from home. Couldn't miss this bi-anual event! Not even the aching muscles brought about by the treacherous monster haven of THE LYKE WAKE WALK could keep me from going!!!!!!!!  Te-ra (Yorkshire for ta-ta) for now.