Sunday, October 24, 2010

Autumn Serenity

Yesterday we took, what might end up being, the last lake cruise of the season.  It was a glorious day and practically no one was on the lake.  We tootled to one of our favorite locations which is still undeveloped and gives the feel of a nature preserve.  It is here that we've seen blue herons and egrets throughout the summer, but yesterday it was totally still with the exception of crickets chirping and the occasional butterfly to pass by.  That was, until we heard a racket high up in the trees to later see several crows emerge chasing a hawk.  I did get some photos, but they were too far off for my zoom lens to do any justice.  Other than that one clatter, it was perfect serenity. We anchored, ate a picnic lunch and played a game of cards.   At one point, another boater passed by on a kayak to also enjoy the splendor of this remote portion of the lake.  The trickling of the water off his oars just added to the tranquility.   

We watched him continue on until, off in the distance,
 he stopped behind some lake grass and soaked in the silence as well.