Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stop the Insanity....

            Rose Hips    
the photo has nothing to do with this post other than having the colors red and green  

 to jump on
 Suldog's bandwagon
 because of something that
 happened this week, believe it or
 not, we received a Christmas card
 on October 25th
pretty ridiculous, huh? it didn't come from
 a company trying to earn our business but from a family
 member. anyone who knows me will obviously figure out
 that it did not come from
 someone in my family but that's all i will say on that matter
so now we have a Christmas card
that will be on display for the next two months because that's
 what happens when one receives a Christmas card, no?
all other cards have a shelf life of what ~ two or three weeks tops?
how can one toss a Christmas card out before the holiday actually arrives?
the insanity must stop or we'll be
finding ourselves receiving Christmas cards all year round in years to come
and then it will be presents arriving in the mail in June and standing in the ever 
dreaded return lines. so if you can sympathize with this
growing epidemic please visit Suldog and tell him Jillsy Girl sent you