Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One Word Wednesday ~ Connect

this week's word

 c o n n e c t

 mostly made me think of relationships
and the connection of people

how spouses connect with one another
how parents connect with their children
how friends can meet and form an instant connection
that is difficult to explain
 but easy to feel

and i can probably speak for more than just myself
about the connection i feel with my blog buddies
even though i have never met any of you in person

to connect with other people 
makes us a part of something bigger than just ourselves
it can also give a feeling of warmth and security
like a snuggly blanket
on a cold winter's night

what are your thoughts on this week's word?

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chosen by 
Vickie @ Nature's Details

d y n a m i c

that should be very interesting...
looking forward to seeing your spin on it next week!