Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One Word Wednesday ~ Gift

First, let me say thank you, once again, to Sally G for hosting One Word Wednesday's for the past 3 weeks!
I greatly appreciated the time off during my travels and knowing that our group of participants in OWW were in good hands.  I absolutely love her implementing the Blog Hop!  What a fantastic way to share your posts with your blog pals and spread the Wednesday fun even further!

This week's word... 


made me think of nature's gifts, even though we're in the midst of the holidays.
The gift of my Nikon last January has made me even more aware of the small gifts Mother Nature
sprinkles around for all of us to enjoy throughout the year, if we take the time to notice them.
Her gifts are waiting to be appreciated anytime day or night, summer or winter,
 and come in all shapes and sizes.

such as....

the little hummingbird that sits upon a tree limb guarding his treasured sweet red beverage
:: :: :: 
the golden leaf that is illuminated by a setting sun 
:: :: ::
the spider intricately weaving its perfect web
:: :: ::
the full moon casting its glorious beam through a window pane
:: :: ::
little buds trying to break open to show off their beautiful colors inside
:: :: ::
the puddle that reflects shimmering leaves or piece of architecture
:: :: ::
the ripples of a body of water creating a work of modern art 

I discovered all these little gifts plus many more throughout the year
 and have them safely stored so I can enjoy them whenever I choose.  
And whenever I want to add to my collection, all I have to do is make sure to look closely.

The photo above was an unexpected surprise that was waiting for me on a fallen tree trunk.  

Do you collect Mother Nature's little gifts?

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Next Wednesday's Word....

W I S H 

Here's wishing you a good week!