Sunday, February 28, 2010

to all my canadian friends....

o h    c a n a d a !

i love your national anthem
i thoroughly enjoyed the olympics you hosted
and watching all the athletes giving their best
you did your country proud

thank you!

photo by jill

Saturday, February 27, 2010

below the dam a textile mill used to thrive....

p e e k i n g
its head above the trees
it still wants to be noticed
far below the dam 
that now looms over it

back in its day
 there was no dam
the factory stood proud
and offered livelihood to those who worked in it

today its a mere shell
that offers nature
 a place to creep 
its fingers
into nooks and crannies

but even so
its original character
still shines through

newry, south carolina
click for history
photos by jill

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Photo Shoot

being a novice photographer
i have been enjoying the challenges of shooting different subjects
this morning i decided to try a photo shoot of our little simon

dogs are not very cooperative
when it comes to posing
especially when a toy is involved
that's probably why my camera comes with a pet portrait setting
lots of shots were taken
here are a few top picks of our little guy
 with his dear friend mini-me

this last one i really just like the pattern of the carpet combined with the different textures

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

at first glance....

i thought
he was a statue
on a neighbor's front lawn

he was so still

but then....


are my eyes deceiving me?

it's walking!

yes, he is definitely walking.....

this blue heron decided
to go on an adventure
and landed himself
in suburbia

i hope he finds his way back home

photos by jill

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

somewhere a heart.....

s o m e w h e r e

a heart
opens up
 and exposes itself
to elements
beyond its control

its fragility
against the unknown

will it be welcomed
with open arms
or shut out
like a stranger
at the gate?

photo by jill

Monday, February 22, 2010

shedding bark....

s h e d d i n g   b a r k

another night of rain
pouring down
 from the heavens above

thunder clapping
wake up!

trees soaked
from head to toe
bark sheds
away from its body
and falls
 to the 
wooden deck below

how beautiful
the years have been
to its skin

a unique piece of art
created by
mother nature

make sure to click on the collage for a closer view!

photo collage by jill

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

watching and waiting....

w a t c h i n g   a n d   w a i t i n g

he rests high on a branch
waiting til dusk
when his nightly activities
will begin

always watching

nothing bothers him
even the little guy 
who dares to take him on

clatter clatter clatter
not a budge

watching and waiting
for his night to begin

t h e   g r e a t   h o r n e d   o w l 

photos by jill

Thursday, February 18, 2010

all that sparkles.....

s p a r k l e

as noted in this post
i have an attraction to all things sparkly
which got me to thinking
it would be a good exercise
in photography to try and capture sparkle

call it a challenge if you'd like
but i will be on the hunt for
all things sparkly
and if you would like to join me in the hunt
i would be thrilled!
just let me know, so i can stop by to admire your sparkles
(and anyone else who shares my enthusiasm!) 

photo by jill

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

there's something about the sizzle.....

c a n   y o u.....

resist the smell
of bacon sizzling
in the fry pan?

i can't

i have to taste a piece the moment
it's done

same thing with
chocolate chip cookies
fresh from the oven

what foods arouse your senses?

photo by jill

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's Have a Cuppa.....

last week i was honored with 
the kreativ blogger

it was passed on to me from
thank you spff!

as part of this award
i am supposed to reveal seven things about myself 

so here goes...

1.  the photo above
2.  i'm a cookie monster
3.  i'm left-handed
4.  i can't stick my face directly into a shower spray (really!)
5. every day is pretty much a bad hair day for me (baby fine, thin, limp hair)
6.  i've been told i have an infectious laugh
7.  i love all things that sparkle

i would like to pass this award on to three of my new readers
 who i also think have very interesting, entertaining and creative blogs.
i suggest you go visit them if you haven't already done so! 

Sunday, February 14, 2010


w h y 

do you blog?

i know why i do

.... two simple reasons ....

1. pleasure

2. it allows me to meet individuals who
 in the real world i would never have the chance to

nothing more...nothing less

what i don't like is
me nor my blog
to be used as a pawn
to further anyone's personal agenda

there is enough hatred and anger in the real world
to be subjected to it here in cyberspace

it's valentine's day
please keep that in mind
spread love, not hatred
build bridges, don't break them down

photo taken by jill

Elemental Challenge: Love Is.....

e l e m en t a l    c h a l l e n g e

h a p p y   v a l e n t i n e ' s   d a y! 

i thought it appropriate
to re-post this challenge today
since so many of you were kind
enough to offer
your thoughts on what
 love is....

i am delighted that
i have met several new bloggers
through this challenge
and i hope you have as well

the blogosphere
is filled with so many
talented and creative people
and it's a joy to meet you!

there is still time throughout today
to take the challenge
if you have not yet done so
just mention it in a comment
and i will gladly
come visit you and link you to this post
feel free to take the "love is" image for your post

thanks again
 for all your
ideas on what
love is....

 . . . . s p r i n k l e d    w i t h   a l l    k i n d s   o f    g o o d    l o v e . . . .

Friday, February 12, 2010

the first flakes....

w h i t e

it just began
less than an hour ago
and it's already covered the grass
with hopes the black pavement
will also soon be gone

living in the deep south
it's a rare sight
and it makes me feel like a kid
all giggly and smiles
what a treat

i'm hoping for lots of it
'cause it probably won't happen again
for awhile

more photos to follow, hopefully

one question...
how do you keep your camera dry when shooting,
or does it matter?

and a little while later....

and these a bit later....

you can probably tell i'm excited....

and it's still falling!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


t o d a y 

would have been my dad's
86th birthday
although our family hasn't been able to celebrate it
for the past seven years
with cards and gifts
i'm sure we all do so privately in our own ways
it's a day that won't be forgotten in our hearts or minds

every trip we make to visit my mom
we stop to visit my dad
in his resting spot at the florida national cemetery

i had never given much thought to cemeteries
until i started coming to this one
it is so beautiful and serene

thousands of tombstones of soldiers past
rest beneath the majestic florida trees dripping with long fingers of moss
while sunshine dapples the green expanses of lawn

standing at attention
as though they are still serving our country

trails and benches for 

a  comforting place

we miss you, dad

h a p p y   b i r t h d a y 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Is....

One of my viewers, who doesn't have her own blog, sent me her idea of what love is via an email, but not as a submission for the challenge.  It brought tears to my eyes, so I asked her permission to allow me to post it as part of the challenge, since I felt it should be shared.  She graciously granted it to me.  Thank you, Ann.

Here is, Ann from Australia's, heartfelt thoughts on what love really is (you might need a handkerchief)......

I thought I knew what true love was but I didn't. I thought I had an idea what lay ahead  but I didn't.

I thought we'd be growing old together but we won't. I thought we'd have grandchildren but  we don't.
I thought that I'd had the most amazing life but I was wrong.
Why did true love elude me then in the former years of my married  life?
Let me tell you why.

My amazing husband of almost 36 years has Alzheimers.  I thought I loved him then but I love him more now.
I hate that his brain is deteriorating but love his fortitude to get through each and every day .
I hate the fact that the ability to dress himself has been taken from him but love that he likes me to assist him.
I hate the fact that he can no longer design, read, write or feed properly but love that I can read to him  and  help him to eat.
I hate when he gets frustrated trying to tell me something but love the fact that I have developed the patience to try to understand his words and love that he still tries.
I love just sitting in the sun with him, I can lay my hand on his sun soaked  arm. The feel of his skin is still very special to me. 
You see LOVE is many  things.

I love in a different way now, a much more giving way , a much less selfish way . He is no less of a person to me  because  of this illness, in fact he's much more special to me now.
I am blessed to have found this man and spent my entire  life  with him. We met when I was 16 and he was almost 20.  Love can be acceptance, tolerance and the realisation that  your time together will be over sooner than you think. This man taught me more  about love than I could ever have  imagined.
I also  have to accept  the  fact  that he will one day forget that love but I  love the  fact that  when that  happens  I will still  have a more enduring love for him.
To me  that's what love is....

Jan I love you with all my heart and soul. No matter what.....

I Know...I Know


i    k n o w . . . i   k n o w

most of us are
of these clouds

who do they
think they are
crowding themselves
between us
and the sun

that be a
i see?

photos by jill

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let Me Introduce Myself.....

g o o d   b y e

h e l l o
just jill

i've been told
 my old name
did not suit
my new blog
 i agree

on those blogs
that don't 
use avatars

don't be confused,
it's just
your old friend

Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's Do Lunch!

who said money doesn't grow on trees?

hitting the jackpot

table for four

totally inspired by
fundamental jelly

photos by jill

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Feet

h a p p y   f e e t

it might be miserable out
but i've got my happy feet on today

do you have some fun socks?

if so,
grab a camera
and show us
 your happy feet!

just post a comment 
and we'll come and visit!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Color Me Pretty


c o l o r   m e   p r e t t y

what a miserable day
it is outside
and frigidly cold

so i decided
to spice up today's view 
out my back window
with a burst
of extra color

hope your day
looks this pretty

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Green Light

g r e e n   l i g h t

i will ask 
you for the words

photo by yorksnbeans

Wednesday, February 3, 2010