Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm Sending You on a Scavenger Hunt!

i'm sending you on a scavenger hunt!
yep, you heard me...
instead of me being the one taking all the photos
i want to see some from you!

nothing can even use your cell phone if you want

 here's what to do....
print the following list and carry it around with you
and whenever you come upon something on the list...snap it!
now that sounds easy, doesn't it?
i'd love to collect all the following from you

Still Needed:

lightening bug
someone jet-skiing
someone water-skiing
someone diving into a body of water
someone eating an ice cream cone
a campfire
someone playing tennis
an army of ants
A plane pulling a banner (usually seen at the beach)
a dolphin
 a ladybug

Already Found:  (scroll down for photos)
 family of ducks (at least 3 together) (Betty Anne)
 bird in flight (Betty Anne)
 a sailboat (Beth)
 seashells (Mary Elizabeth)
sandcastle (Joanna Jenkins)
 a horse (Betty Anne)
lawn sprinkler (in operation) (Betty Anne)
butterfly (Barbara)
someone riding a bicycle (Carmen)
 a slice of watermelon (Betty Anne)
 an ice cold drink in a glass (Carmen)
  flip-flops (Carmen)
 a bouquet of flowers (Carmen)
 a beautiful sunset (Barbara)
 someone fishing (Betty Anne)
someone holding an umbrella (Betty Anne)
 someone running (Betty Anne)
a caterpillar (Carmen)
 a rainbow (Carmen)
a waterfall (Betty Anne)
A water fountain (Carmen)
pelican (Mary Elizabeth)
rabbit (Betty Anne)
raindrops on a window (Maggie)
someone grilling (Betty Anne)
mosquito (Betty Anne)
turtle (Barbara)
poison ivy (Barbara)
full moon (Barbara)
hummingbird (Marisa & Izzy) 
(i made an exception since both came in together & are excellent)

as the list dwindles, i will continue to add items to make the hunt last through the month.

either email me your photo or make your own post with the photo (but let me know about it)
then I'll post your photo here.

~  photos that are taken during the month of June by you ~
~ subjects need to be clearly identifiable (no blurry, far away subjects will be accepted) ~
 ~ all subjects need to be living (not artificial) ~
~ only one photo for each item will be accepted ~
the first email or comment I receive for an item that fits the criteria
 will be the one that is accepted and used in the collage

 ~ PRIZE ~
the top three hunters at the end of the month will receive an 8x10 print of the final collage!

a n d   h a v e   f u n !

.. .. .. .. .. .. ..  f o u n d .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Sand Castle ~ found by Joanna Jenkins @ The Fifty Factor
isn't this colorful?  someone was having fun on the beach!

Sailboat ~ found by Beth @ Be Yourself...Everyone Else is Taken
so peaceful....don't you wish your were there?

Butterfly ~ found by Barbara @ Long Hollow
WOW...absolutely stunning!

Beautiful Sunset ~ found by Barbara @ Long Hollow

A Family of Ducks ~ found by Betty Anne @ Simply Being Me
absolutely adorable!

Bird in Flight ~ found by Betty Anne @ Simply Being Me
love this...great capture!

 Horse ~ found by Betty Anne @ Simply Being Me
every time I see this I chuckle so!

Lawn Sprinkler in operation ~ found by Betty Anne @ Simply Being Me
this photo has a story behind it ~ read here!

Someone Fishing ~ found by Betty Anne @ Simply Being Me
these guys look so relaxed!

 Slice of watermelon ~ found by Betty Anne @ Simply Being Me
looks like someone's enjoying that!

Flip-flops ~ found by Carmen @ Carmen's Chronicles
very cool flip-flops!

Ice cold drink in a glass ~ found by Carmen @ Carmen's Chronicles
this is what I call a real summer time treat!

Rainbow ~ found by Carmen @ Carmen's Chronicles
great capture!

Caterpillar ~ found by Carmen @ Carmen's Chronicles
nice close-up ~ looks like he's done some major damage there!

Bouquet of flowers ~ found by Carmen @ Carmen's Chronicles

Seashells ~ found by Mary Elizabeth @ Feathering An Empty Nest

Waterfall ~ found by Betty Anne @ Simply Being Me

Someone Running ~ found by Betty Anne @ Simply Being Me

Someone Holding an Umbrella ~ found by Betty Anne @ Simply Being Me

Water Fountain ~ found by Carmen @ Carmen's Chronicles

Someone riding a bike ~ found by Carmen @ Carmen's Chronicles

Pelican ~ found by Mary Elizabeth @ Feathering an Empty Nest
great capture!

Rabbit ~ found by Betty Anne @ Simply Being Me

Raindrops on a Window ~ found by Maggie @ Stepping Out With Red Shoes On

Someone Grilling ~ found by Betty Anne @ Simply Being Me

Mosquito ~ found by Betty Anne @ Simply Being Me

turtle - found by Barbara @ Long Hollow

poison ivy ~ found by Barbara @ Long Hollow

full moon ~ found by Barbara @ Long Hollow

the following two hummingbird captures came in together 
& both are fabulous so I made an exception and used both!  
Thanks Izzy & Marisa
hummingbird ~ found by Marisa @ Getting Back to Basics

hummingbird ~ found by Izzy @ Stone Spirit

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Toe Test....

the toe test

we all do it at the beginning of summer 
dip the toe in
to test the waters

well these toes got so excited
they started splish-splashing!

hope you're having a splish-splashing weekend!

Friday, May 28, 2010

100 and counting....

no, not simon, silly
although in dog years he's getting up there...he'll be 13 in August and is blind as a bat now. 
he looks like a little bumper car banging his nose into everything. 
 but, he's a trooper and nothing stops him! 
that's him creeping around the backyard yesterday.

no, what i'm referring to are my posts
i didn't even realize it until i started this one
 when i saw that yesterday's post was my 100th!
yowza...i wasn't expecting that to happen so quickly

my journey as a blogger has gone through a few changes over the past
 now let me think here a minute....
i started in september of 2008, so that makes it 21 months

i was an ireporter for cnn
back when nobody really new who they were
now they're a dime a dozen
but after about 6 months the infighting and drama started behind the scenes
about the time when word was getting out how cool it was to be an ireporter 
and some bigheads started thinking they were hot stuff
so i said....i'm outta here

second came...
two yorks and a bean
my attempt at humor
which only could go so far
and after about another 6 months
 those doors shut and another opened...

where we are today
a place where my attempts at photography 
along with some challenges (that have been losing steam, which makes 6 months somewhat of a pattern)
has become my last latest venture and offering to the blogosphere
i do plan on staying here though since the photography thing is like a big bear hug that won't let go

i thank you all
who come here and cheer me on
and give me inspiration for my journey in photography
your comments are always a joy to read!

and i have something new
and hopefully fun & exciting
for all of you in june!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My legs are still white and I don't like it one bit....

there's nothing worse than going into june
(especially when one has a lake getaway with a boat)
and one's legs are so white they can blind a person
i tan quite easily except for my legs
they're stubborn
they refuse to cooperate with the tanning process
of the rest of my body
and since this year
 the tanning sessions have been minimal
due to crappy weather
these darn legs are like beacons of snow covered hills
screaming "look at me"!
(even hubby has noticed)
see that colorful photo up there
(it's a beautiful pink hydrangea that is blooming in our back yard right now)
well, i don't want pink legs, but i would like some color
so i guess i'll have to resort to the drugstore
and rub some on
since this holiday weekend
rain is scheduled for us every day
have a great holiday weekend everyone
even if you do get rained out!

btw...don't you worry yourselves, i always use lots of sunscreen!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time to Vote!

a big thank you to 
Barbara, Dave and Kirsty
 for taking this month's challenge!

now, it's time to vote for your favorite entry
please take a few minutes to visit the following posts
 then take the poll on the sidebar!
(everyone can vote, including you!)

barbara @ long hollow 
dave @ hambo central 
kirsty @kirsty flies free

Final Macro Monday Winner

once again...
 for the second week in a row
(and the only two weeks he played)


Spilled Ink Guy

was the winner and guessed 5 out of 7 correctly
(and I was blown away that he got #6 considering he doesn't even know Tootsie!)
he's got a great eye for detail

I want to thank all of you who played over the past 8 weeks.
It's been a lot of fun for me to choose the subjects and see your guesses!

#1 Decayed Leaf

#2 Coke Bottle

#3 Tic Tac Toe Game

#4 Stove Burner

#5 Chocolate Chip Cookie

#6  Tootsie!

#7 Cactus

now...make sure to 
and review the three May Elemental Challenge Entries
then cast your votes over on the sidebar by May 31st!