Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the words are just not coming....

not much to say today
words are just not coming

maybe this photo will have to say it for me
whatever that's supposed to be

i guess the phrase
a picture paints a thousand words
will just have to do 

but...can you figure out what those thousand words are?
cause i certainly can't....

maybe the thousand words will come up in the comments....
until then ~ i'll go take a seat!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Summer Concerto

a s    t h e   s u n   g o e s   d o w n
the orchestra gets seated

in the rear
the crickets begin rubbing their hind legs
creating their peaceful, harmonious hum

higher up on stage
the cicadas repeatedly begin on a soft note
then quickly crescendo into their full blown chatter

and in various spots around the stage
are the tiny tree frogs 
that belt out the deepest and loudest notes of all
if you didn't know their size
you'd think there must be monsters lurking in the dark

last night
as i was being serenaded in our backyard
by our personal summertime orchestra
and mesmerized by the twinkling lights 
of fireflies dotting our concert hall 
i noticed one particular musician
that sounded as though he had chosen his seat up on our deck 

 he apparently found a comfy spot on a deck chair

do you have a personal summer orchestra?

and don't forget...only one more day for the scavenger hunt and several items are still left to find!

Monday, June 28, 2010


s m a c k e d

i feel like i've had my creativity smacked out of me
maybe it's the's been brutal out there for the past week or so
but whatever has caused it
i'm feeling smacked

so what color is that?

not sure, but i'll say pale orange

what color are you today? 

* can you figure out what the above repeated image is?
(stumped?  go to the "stumped" page under the banner)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Jillsy's Kitchen - Chicken Piccata

first, i start with this....
yes, most every good meal needs to start with a nice glass of wine
that's because i don't love to cook
 but will more easily get my groove on with a glass in hand

you see...each time i make an epicurean masterpiece
it will turn out a wee bit different depending on spur of the moment creativity 
so, unfortunately, last night's stupendous meal will probably never be re-created entirely the same, ever again
you will understand why when you see the amounts you are given for any particular ingredient.

 always have something to nosh on while cooking
 because, if for any reason, the meal ends in disaster, you won't go starving
 last night i chose
"margaritavilla's" artichoke jalapeƱo garlic dip (delish)

alright, now for the menu....Chicken Piccata with Linguini and Asparagus
sounds fancy, but not me!
although, the kitchen does get messy....a true sign of a great cook!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Date, Some Sushi and Heaven in a Roll

last evening started like this....

mr. jillsy: would you like to go out on a date?

me: huh? (head cocked to one side)

mr. jillsy:  you heard me...are you available for a date tonight?

me:  well, i guess so.

mr. jillsy:  well then...go get yourself ready and i'll meet you in 30 minutes

me:  hold on a sec...where are we going?

mr. jillsy:  it's a surprise

me:  edges of mouth start curling upwards.  run upstairs.  pull out a sexy little number, blow-out my flattened hair, dab on some lipstick and i'm rarin' to go....wherever.  last moment...grab my camera!


ahh.....sushi!   what a treat!

lovin' the date....forget about the camera sitting next to me when the artistic dishes come out (sorry)....good conversation...fantastic sushi.....then the dessert comes.....

i finally remember the camera (halfway through)

this definitely must happen more often!

when was the last time you went out on a real date?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Don't Normally Believe in Such Things

When my father passed away seven years ago, I returned to Atlanta after the funeral and the first morning I was home I took Simon for a morning walk.  It was early May when the yellow pollen had finally disappeared from sight allowing all the spring colors to show off their glory.  It was very quiet that morning which allowed me to sink into my own thoughts while Simon took me along his normal route. When we came upon one of his favorite sniffing spots, an overgrown bush at a neighbor's yard, a big yellow and black butterfly swooped down under the bush flitted around Simon for a few seconds then flew off. 

I thought it was the oddest occurrence since, first of all, it was early May, usually too early for butterflies, and secondly, it swooped down to street level in order to get under the bush to reach Simon.  I didn't give it any thought afterwards, but at the time I found it very strange.  That is, until the next day when I was speaking with one of my brothers who was still in Florida with my mother.  During that conversation, my hubby wanted me to ask my brother if a little frog he had noticed during the final three weeks my father was alive was still perched upon a certain window sill of their house.  It was because of that request my brother told me about the significance of butterflies and a loved one passing on. Of course, that made me immediately think of the butterfly sighting I had the morning before. 

The belief is if a butterfly sighting occurs within a few days after a loved one passes on, they have come back to let you know they are okay and to say goodbye.   When he told me this I got goosebumps because my Dad loved our little Simon but never got to see him while he was in the hospital during his last weeks, so I took that visit as my Dad's way of saying goodbye to him.

For years, my Dad had a favorite sweatshirt he wore when he worked in the yard , it was bright yellow with a big smiley face printed in black on the front. Being that this particular butterfly species was mainly yellow and black made the sighting even more significant.

About three years later my hubby's mum passed on and we flew to England to attend her funeral.  It was a frigid and windy day in March, and when her casket was carried into the church, a butterfly flew along with it and continued hovering over the casket during the service.  Everyone noticed it. Some saw it close enough to identify it as a Red Admiral.  When we arrived back in the States, a couple of days later I walked out to our backyard to speak with hubby who was working in the garden.  Flying around him was a butterfly, but it's flying habit was different, similar to the one we had seen at the funeral in England.  It flitted very quickly wherever it went.  It was more like a moth's movements, but this was definitely a butterfly.  Because of it's quickness it was extremely difficult to get a close look.  Whenever it landed it would quickly put its wings together.  I stuck with it because I was determined to get a photo which I finally accomplished.  As eerie as it may sound, I identified it as a Red Admiral, never to be seen here again since.

It took these two sightings to make me a believer even though I normally shrug such nonsense off.  These photos are of the Tiger Swallowtail butterfly, the one that flew around Simon that morning.  These photos were taken yesterday in our backyard, just one day after Father's Day.   Now, whenever I see these butterflies I call them "Dad" and say hi.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Identity Crisis Resolved!

yep...i'm #110
and i'm a cow!

if you have visited me throughout my blog history
you've probably noticed i have been

just jill

 my blog persona
 has been resolved

you know the feeling you get when you try on a pair of shoes and they fit so perfectly
you tell the clerk to wrap 'em up (no matter what the price)
because those shoes and your feet were meant for each other?

well, that's the feeling
i now have
"Jillsy Girl"
 you see up there on my banner
i'm waving my new found blog name

since jillsy is one of my nicknames
and i was born in new jersey
(too bad my name wasn't joy, right?)
it just makes it a perfect match
it also has a light-heartedness about it 
that goes with the tone of my blog

i know their are other blog "girls" out there
but the name feels so right 
and blogspot even has the name available which i have saved
(although, i'm afraid to switch over unless someone has changed their address before and can help me without losing everything) 

so, goodbye EMD
hello Jillsy Girl!
(for those of you who have me on their blogroll go ahead and make the switch and i'll also let everyone know if i ever dare to change my URL.)

and, no, i'm not a cow, but hopefully i stand out from the crowd

and one last note i just had to share....
yesterday "The Pioneer Woman", Ree Drummond
actually visited my blog TWICE!
scroll all the way down to my Blog Frog visits
and unless she's been kicked off by now from other froggers visits (who i also cherish dearly)
her name showed up two different times yesterday
although, she didn't leave a comment
 but for some reason, just knowing an uber successful blogger actually came here twice blows me away!

Monday, June 21, 2010

She Walks Like a Lady....

she stands tall

spreads her wings
and soars......

may your week take you to wonderful places!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

For All You Dads Out There.....

May your day be like sailing on cloud nine....


Friday, June 18, 2010

Creepy Crawly Awesomeness

has a photo contest going on this week
calling for all things "Creepy Crawly"

and since insects are one of my fave subjects
i decided to join in on the fun

luckily, yesterday we had a special guest visit our backyard
and the only reason i found him was because i was deadheading our canna lilies and picking up after them
(do you know how untidy those beautiful flowers are...what a mess they create!)

anyway...he was hanging out on the leaves
so i  went inside, grabbed my camera, and started shooting and shooting and shooting (get the picture?)
i think my camera counter just about hit 200
the little guy and i had a thing going on there for awhile
(but, man, was it hot and it was only 9:30am)
at times, i wondered if he was actually posing for me

well, out of the bazillion shots i took
here are a few of my faves....enjoy!

hello there, may i help you?

you say a photo shoot, huh...

well, let me think about that for a minute
(this is the one i submitted for the contest)

okay, but only if you promise not to call me "beanhead"

alright ~ i'm ready....are you looking for creepy or crawly?

please, dear god of all mantis', give me strength not to eat that little twerp over there 
laughing at me during this photo shoot.

see him....down there!

okay, enough of the smirks, end of photo to that twerp....i'll show him!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

it boggles the mind....


are blogs free and also free of advertising?
is it that the older we get the faster time flies?
is reality t.v. so darn popular?
do we all look so different if we all evolved from the same thing?
are there so many channels but it's still hard to find a good movie to watch?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jump on in....

the hunt is still on
and there's still half a month to go

jump on in
and find the remaining photo-ops
for the

someone grilling
lightening bug
someone jet-skiing
someone water-skiing
someone diving into a body of water
someone eating an ice cream cone
a campfire
a turtle
someone playing tennis
a hummingbird
an army of ants
a mosquito
poison ivy (don't get too close!)
A plane pulling a banner (usually seen at the beach)
a dolphin
 a ladybug
 full moon (June 26th!)

the top three hunters will receive an 8x10 collage print!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Pentax K1000

 i do have a love for photography
it started many years go
when i was just out of college
and began my "adult" life
down in "hot'lanta"

i took a photography course
and bought myself a pentax k1000
i had a lot of fun in that darkroom during the course

but single life got in the way
and that k1000 demanded too much attention
 i was unable to give at the time
partying and dating got in the way

so, i lovingly, tucked my pentax away 
and forgot about it

until now...
when, apparently, film photography is all the rage
and photogs go all WOW and ga-ga over it

i searched and searched
for that k1000
until i finally found it today,
safely tucked away in a dark corner of a closet

my heart palpitated
for some reason
i have no idea why
maybe it was the rush of memories
that overcame me
from so many years ago
when i was in my early 20's

but, i still love my digital nikon

so, i'm not sure i totally "get" the film obsession
is it because i'm too old?
surely, not!

i'm sure you probably noticed
that i've changed my digs
once again
in an attempt to get my groove back!

i changed my profile name to "jillsy"
 it's a nickname my next door neighbor gave me a while back
and i think it suits me better!

Feeling Stuck....

this is what we were stuck in yesterday when we reached the city
after spending a breathe easy weekend at the lake

this shot signifies how i'm feeling this morning about my creativity as of late


maybe you don't see it
but i feel it
it's like an invisible wall in front of me
and on the other side is everything imaginable

my arm fits through 
but my hand is always an inch or two shy to grab anything

turn away
i keep saying to myself

forget the wall exists
act like it's not there
and go about my business

then maybe, just maybe
the next time i turn around
the wall will be gone

Sunday, June 13, 2010

flip-flops, berries and cruisin' just to name a few.....

and the livin' is easy

flip-flops ~ lightening bugs
  crickets ~ cicadas

 sandals ~ sand ~ seashells
lemonade ~ ice cream 
thunder ~ lightening
crepe myrtles ~ hanging pots ~ ferns
sundresses ~ swimsuits ~ toe rings
 tank tops ~ reading ~ hammocks
 garden sprinklers 
beach towels ~ sunsets 
picnics ~ barbeques
 cocktail & full-moon cruises
  watermelon ~ card games
jimmy buffet ~ margaritas
 berries ~ corn on the cob
 home grown tomatoes and herbs....
just to name to a few

name some of your summer faves

Friday, June 11, 2010

Gooey, Cheesy Goodness.....

the other night we had the above pizza
  pepperoni, tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers and LOTS of cheese
it was fabulous
 if somebody asks me what i'd like on a pizza
 hands down, it will be pepperoni with extra cheese on a thin crust
What can be found on your fave pizza and do you prefer Chicago or New York style?

for the next month....

it's here
it's on
it will stay on
for an entire month
in our household
(even those trumpets won't deter)
the countdown began in months
then changed to weeks became hours
i love my yorkshireman
and i will try my hardest
to join in on his excitement
i've been informed
the menu for the afternoon....
b a c o n   b u t t i e s
and i will be there right beside him
(but, i'm not saying who I'll be cheering for)!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cruisin' the Hood....

we don't know where he comes from
we just know he shows up every now and then
and cruises our part of the neighborhood

the first time he appeared
 which was a few years back
was right before Thanksgiving
so we obviously assumed his days were numbered
but he's still around and periodically makes his appearance
being in the burbs, he is an unusual sight, but always welcomed

his visit came late yesterday afternoon
which was kind of ironic since yesterday Barbara @ Long Hollow
lost her beloved guinea fowl, Frankie, who i always got such a kick out of when I saw his photos
my heart was aching all day

and before i close
 i just had to share this one last image 
i added a texture and just loved how it came out looking like a painting

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Post Made Me Do It....


but yesterday i got my buckets
and with each scoop of leaf-filled, murky, smelly water
i kept waiting for that frog to jump at my face
and knock me over from fright
but it never happened
 i never really saw him
i did see, from the corner of my eye, a splash
 as i was lifting one of my water-filled buckets
he must have been calculating his getaway from a dark corner

only one other odd movement i noticed 
in my peripheral vision
was something squiggly, quickly enter the pond 
i think it was one of our resident lizards, but not sure.

but it's done
and now i get to, once again, enjoy our little garden waterfall this summer!