Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby ~ It's Been COLD outside!

Our visitor who came and went Sunday night
has left his presence all week due to frigid temps and barely any sun until today.
Even so, I have ventured out with camera in hand each day but haven't been able to make it out of our yard.
That ice is very icy!
Each day the snow has become harder and thicker and crunchier.
Excellent, though, for capturing some frozen images.

Here are a few I've managed to snap in the brief minutes of being in the cold
 before my feet and hands tell me they've had enough and would like to go back inside.  
In fact, even my lens was acting up this morning it was so cold.
 It was refusing to focus on shots that got too close to the ground!

All of the following are straight out of the camera except the last three which I had fun playing around with. 

pine cone peeking through ice with a lone, yellow leaf keeping it company

gumball on snow ~ quite interesting, isn't it?

just a cluster of ice hanging out on a limb

shriveled ivy clinging to tree trunk

autumn fern amidst winter

a dead but delicate asparagus fern

 sparkling, elongated fingers holding onto our patio arbor

Tomorrow is supposed to finally get into the 40's
my feet will be extremely happy!