Thursday, January 27, 2011

Focus52: Play

Each week Jan over at TwoScoopz
hosts a weekly get-together in connection with Flickr that will last throughout this year.
I have been following Jan for several months now
because she's such a creative photographer with a wonderful eye
I was so excited when she announced Focus52
because, if you are anything like me, I can use a bit of prompting 
to keep my creativity levels from sinking.
I know I offer my own weekly prompt, 
but I can always use more!

This week her prompt is


which immediately brought my thoughts to games.

For all of you who have been coming to my blog for any length of time
you know how much I'm into all kinds of challenges and games.
Card games being one of them.
So, I decided to play around with some individual cards to create a composition.
I played with color, texture and contrast and came up with a mosaic.

It's not overly exciting but I learned something new amidst all my playing and wanted to share it with you.
For those of you who are not Photoshop savvy (I'm just learning myself)  I have been using Picnik online software. The basic software is free, but you can buy an annual upgrade for only $25.00 that gives you additional tools which is more than worth the price. I believe the color separation function is in the free area, but I can't swear to it since I have the upgrade.  The more I learn about Picnik, the more I realize how many editing tools it has that can be compared to the basic Photoshop functions for just a small fraction of the cost. And much easier to learn.

In the above mosaic I isolated areas of color.
Below are the cards with their original colors.
Pretty cool, huh!

So, if you have a photo where you would like to show only specific areas of color, this is an easy edit to accomplish.  I found an online tutorial to show how easy it is.
If you'd like to watch it, please visit my Facebook page!

Thanks for stopping by!