Thursday, January 20, 2011

For All You Facebook Users.....

It's amazing how social media has slowly crept into my life.
I can't seem to get into tweeting, (I still think it's for the birds)
but Facebook has snuck its way into my daily schedule
like those few extra pounds I can't shake loose. 
How did they get there?
not a clue....
sneaky b*st*rds

In the bazillion times I check in to see what's happening each day
okay...a bazillion is a bit of a stretch, maybe a dozen or so
I find more and more bloggers creating fan pages
and you know what....I like it!
One click and I'm there reading their post.
No scrolling through blogrolls.

Therefore, this past week I decided to create a fan page just for Jillsy Girl Studio (this blog).
I had been posting my blog posts on my personal FB page
 but decided to separate it from those who couldn't care less about my blog
with those who can't live without it

So...if you are a Facebook junkie 
please click the like button below to keep Jillsy Girl in your life

I might even be adding little extras on FB just to keep things interesting!