Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Five - What Is It?

I used to do a Friday Five of a different kind
but since it's a new year with new beginnings
this new and improved Friday Five will offer up different challenges
'cause you know how much i love creating them for you!

Each week i'll mix up the challenges 
 so none of them will become boring
for me or for you

This first one is an oldie, yet goodie...
(Bearman gave me the idea this morning)
Since I just got a new macro lens, 
 what could be better than giving you some macro photos to figure out?
I tried not to make them too difficult this week since it IS just the beginning of the year
 I simply want you to guess them ~ all of them!
(if i have your email address, i will prompt you if you have guessed any incorrectly...
see, I truly want you to get them all, but only this one time ~ future weeks you'll be on your own!)

So without further ado...
here they are
I'll turn on the comment moderation throughout the weekend
and post the answers and winners (hopefully many)
on Monday

Have Fun!

have a great weekend!