Monday, January 31, 2011

Hi Flyin'

was a glorious day
especially considering the weather this past month

 blue skies and 70 degrees
 a fleeting present
one to grab on to and enjoy to its fullest
 before vanishing like a dream

while driving down a four lane road 
the most colorful ultralight sailed above us
and was coming in for a landing in an open field
my eyes popped in excitement
turn around, turn around!
i shouted to hubby
and being the wonderful hubby he is
he did just so

but by the time we got back to the spot
we couldn't find it
where had it gone?
we drove around 
and found a group of men
with remote control planes
but not the ultralight we had detoured for
how it got away so quickly will remain a mystery

it looked similar to this but even brighter colors
courtesy of Google images

 we decided to stay awhile and wait for the guys
to start up their RC's so I could take a few shots
but only two planes took off while we were there
and the mosaic above are the shots I managed to capture

but while I was waiting
i also took several landscape shots that i will have fun processing
and sharing with you in later posts

now....for those of you who are interested in the results of the Friday Five close-ups