Monday, January 17, 2011

Iced In & FF Answers

it's hard to believe,
but Atlanta still has lingering snow & ice on the ground
in fact, our entire lawn in our backyard is still covered

last week was either considered a winter wonderland for some
or a nightmare for others
for me....winter wonderland!

freezing temps didn't seem so frigid
 amidst all the sparkling jewels for my eyes to feast on

below, are a few more "iced in" images from this past week

and for those of you who played along over the weekend with my Friday Five challenge
here are the answers and the winners:

1. Car + Pet = Carpet
2. Can + D = Candy
3. List + N = Listen
4. Whisk + E = Whiskey
5. Pill + O = Pillow

(@ Ocean Girl ~ I used the collage tool in Picasa to create the puzzles)

And the winners are:

Hi-5 to all of you and everyone else who played along!!

does anyone else see Mickey Mouse, by chance?

see those sparkling jewels?

i'll certainly miss those jewels when they leave....